Our Mission

ThinkTank Innovation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit innovation district designed to help entrepreneurs understand the requirements to be an entrepreneur, educate them on the building blocks of founding and running an early-stage, technology driven business and connecting them with the resources, expertise and network to reach scale.


Our team has founded and managed businesses around the world, thus we understand what it takes to build a successful company.


Our past successes and failures have taught us what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building your business.


We have developed a global network with the knowledge and resources to help any entrepreneur achieve their goals.

Industry Focus

ThinkTank supports awesome entrepreneurs with unique technologies that have the potential to disrupt the next era of innovation. We take a hands-on approach to transform vision into reality by leveraging our global relationships and the venture, business & military ecosystem of the Cali Baja, bi-national region.

We target pre-Series A funded startups with the following characteristics

Disruptive Tech

We are interested in business models or technologies that target large markets, with the potential of being a real “game changer” as a new industry leader.

Our programs are industry agnostic although we possess specific expertise and experience in the following industry areas: artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR), blockchain technologies, casino gaming, communications applications, consumer electronics, connected sensors & devices, cyber security, data driven diagnostics, enterprise SaaS, FinTech, machine learning, marine technologies, medical devices/diagnostics, naval architecture, novel IoT devices, predictive analytics, Scientific instrumentation, and virtual reality (VR).

Capital Efficient

Our programs are geared towards opportunities that requires up to $20 Million of venture capital over their life to reach either cash flow positive operations, an exit, or a significant valuation to raise growth capital if needed.

The utilization of a capital efficient model doesn’t rely on getting a unicorn valuation to achieve to generate significant returns for entrepreneurs and their investors as 99% of venture-backed companies exit at less than a billion dollar valuation. In other words, in a world where M&A deal sizes are shrinking and mega-IPOs are scarce, a capital efficient model is both more resilient and delivers higher returns than those that require substantially more capital.

Adding Value

Our programs are designed to work best with entrepreneurs that are coachable and who are willing to put our advice into practice in order to add significant value to their business.

We commit to become actively involved with all our program participants and to work alongside founders to get things done, including financings, contracts, partnerships, strategy, and sourcing strategic hires. We also offer our contacts with experienced legal, accounting, and marketing service providers to help startups accomplish their goals faster, without having to hire a larger and costly team until it is truly needed. The founders that have historically embraced our programs tend to execute faster, at a lower cost thus increasing their possibility of success.


Check for Program Availability

Or call us: 619-981-9700

Our No-Cost & No-Equity Approach

ThinkTank Innovation offers a no conflict and no-fee approach to advising startups.

We are funded through individual donors, corporate sponsors and various grants. This allows us to provide entrepreneurs with a world-class place to call home while we mentor them and help bring their product to market, without having to charge fees or taking an equity position.

As an owner you can concentrate on building your venture while not having to worry about how you are going to pay for the services we provide.

ThinkTank Offers the Best Available BenefitsThe following is a partial list of benefits that we provide to our program participants.


Coaching by our team of entrepreneurial leaders to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Investment Capital

Access to seed financing to grow your venture and follow-on financing.

Office Space

We provide office space for up to 3-5 members of each company that is admitted.

IBM Affiliate Partnership

Our program participants each receive up to $120,000/year of IBM Service Credits.

Network Access

We provide access to our global network of investors, advisors, strategic companies, researchers, government officials, etc.

Web & Email Hosting

Fully scalable web and email hosting with one of the world’s largest providers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing power, database storage, content delivery or other server-based functionality.

VoIP Phone System

Full enterprise grade VoIP pbx phone system solution including voicemail, 4-digit extensions, conference calls, etc.


Access to prototyping facilities to assist entrepreneurs in developing preliminary models.

Intellectual Property

Assistance in protecting or acquiring necessary intellectual property.

Back Office

Payroll, HR, Accounting, Finance, and other outsourced back-office services.

WeWork Access

Our members get no-cost access to every WeWork office worldwide to host meetings or for temporary work-space.

App Based Office

Members request conference rooms, offsite space, etc. via an app on their phones.


Free beer and food including Taco Tuesdays to promote socialization between companies.

Employee Recruiting

Post your job openings directly to 175,000 active members located in 50 cities worldwide.

San Diego Lifestyle

San Diego provides a conducive environment to innovate – perfect weather, low traffic, lower cost than Silicon Valley.

Unlimited Access

Our Members have access to their space 24-hours-a-day, 365-days a year.

Fast Internet

Gigabit speed through 2 redundant fiber network providers.

Conference Rooms

Members can reserve any of 30 conference rooms, on 6 floors, equipped with monitors, conference phones, whiteboards, etc.

Online Member Base

Connect and network with 1,700 entrepreneurs at the same address using the ThinkTank provided app.

Legal Advice

Start-up advice provided by a leading VC attorney with a prominent firm.

Market Access

We help members in validating their market strategy with our partners and third-party firms.


Who could start a new business without copious amounts of espresso, coffee and lattes?


Join our community of like-minded entrepreneurs and exchange ideas, socialize and enjoy!

Our Program Partners

Partner with ThinkTank

We are constantly seeking volunteers to help us administer our programs. We have openings for business and sector expert mentors, administration and operational personnel and fund-raising committee members. Contact us today and contribute to San Diego’s emerging technology ecosystem.

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